How old do I have to be to sail on Playfair?


Our youth programs are for youth between the ages of 13 and 18.

Can adults sail?


Yes! This summer 2021, we have 2 adult sails. Check them out at brigs.ca/adult_sails

Can youth groups sail during the summer?


Youth groups can sail together during our summer program only if the whole group registers for one of our summer courses. During July and September, the TS Playfair is available for private charters and group sails. If interested, please inquire at [email protected]

Will I be on the ship for the entirety of the course ?


The ship is usually at sea for two or three days, then may go to anchor or tie up at a port. During a port visit trainees will be given shore leave to explore the surrounding community, as well as participate in fun activities such as campfires, scavenger hunts, and beach visits.

Does the ship sail through the night?


Yes, the ship sails throughout the night!

Do I need to know how to sail?


No previous experience is necessary. Our skilled youth crew will teach you everything you need to know about sailing a ship.  

Do I need to know how to swim?


All our trainees MUST be comfortable in and around water. Parents and guardians will be required to verify this information upon registration. 

Do I have to climb aloft in the rigging?


All trainees are encouraged to climb aloft to participate in furling the sails. However, it is not mandatory that all trainees participate in climbing aloft. 

Our crew understands that some trainees may be uncomfortable with heights and we are prepared to accommodate those who are would prefer to not climb aloft. 

What kind of safety equipment does the ship carry?


Our vessel, the TS Playfair upholds the highest level of safety regulated by Transport Canada. The following is some of the safety equipment onboard:

Navigation Equipment: 

GPS, Radar, AIS Class C, Depth sounder, High intensity running lights, up-to-date nautical publications and charts, Compass, and Sextant.

Communication Equipment:

2 25W VHF radios, 5W handheld VHF radio, Cellular telephone, Signal ensigns. 

Safety Equipment:

3 B-pack life rafts, 30 safety harnesses, 40 keyhole life jackets, 20 Inflatable PFDs, Fire fighting equipment (firehoses, extinguishers, fire suppression system), First aid kits and equipment, Flares dye and smoke signals, Kisby rings and down buoy.


How do I get to and from the ship?


For all Voyages, participants can either be dropped at the Hamilton office at 10am on the day of departure for a shuttle to the vessel or can be dropped directly at the departure port no later than 1pm.

Who is responsible for the ship and their Crew?


The captain of the ship is responsible for the safe passage of the ship and its crew. They are the final authority in all matters during an adventure.

Can I get a refund?


Yes, please be sure to review our refund policy by clicking here