Pathfinder Recommissioning Plaque - Brigs

STV Pathfinder Re-Commissioning Plaque

UPDATE: The Plaque is Full - Thank you to all those who donated!

If you'd like to still contribute to Brigs - consider donating to our Galley Fundraiser by clicking here

In honour of the return of the imminent STV Pathfinder, and with special permission from Blair McKeil of Breakwater Investments, Brigs will be mounting a dedication plaque to her deck house. We are offering our membership and community the opportunity to add your name to the plaque and be a permanent part of Brigs' history.

A limited number of places are available on the plaque for purchase in the name of either individuals, families, or corporate entities. Each entry is offered for $1,000. 

The funds raised will support the recommissioning ceremony along with Brigs operations for Pathfinder's first season back in sail training. 

The plaque will be unveiled on the  Recommissioning Ceremony and all contributors to the dedication plaque will be invited to attend. 

The Recommissioning Ceremony will take place on Thursday, June 9th, 2022 will be small and will include our most generous volunteers and supporters. 25 spots will be made available for general registration closer to the event date.

We hope you will consider being a part of STV Pathfinder's History.