What kind of safety equipment do the ships carry? - Toronto Brigantine Inc.

What kind of safety equipment does the ship carry?


Our vessel, the TS Playfair upholds the highest level of safety regulated by Transport Canada. The following is some of the safety equipment onboard:

Navigation Equipment: 

GPS, Radar, AIS Class C, Depth sounder, High intensity running lights, up-to-date nautical publications and charts, Compass, and Sextant.

Communication Equipment:

2 25W VHF radios, 5W handheld VHF radio, Cellular telephone, Signal ensigns. 

Safety Equipment:

3 B-pack life rafts, 30 safety harnesses, 40 keyhole life jackets, 20 Inflatable PFDs, Fire fighting equipment (firehoses, extinguishers, fire suppression system), First aid kits and equipment, Flares dye and smoke signals, Kisby rings and down buoy.

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