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Did you know?

Toronto Brigantine has changed a lot since it's inception and change is great! we love change! However, sometimes change can make things challenging. Here are some changes that have happened throughout the years that you may not have known about...

Did you know? That Pathfinder and Playfair go through yearly inspections from Transport Canada? These inspections  are done to ensure that Toronto Brigantine vessels are safe before taking on trainees in the summer. Here are  some of the costs associated with inspections:

    • Inspection fees: $2000
    • Systems inspection: $2000
    • Life saving equipment inspection: $6000
    • Radio Inspection and licensing: $300


What can you do to help?! - There is so much that you can do to help us reach our goals! Here are some ideas

  • Volunteer! TBI operates due to the involvement of our many dedicated volunteers! The boats can always use an extra hand during the maintenance season.
    • Do you have a free weekend? Head down to the shop and lend a hand!
    • Do you have MEDs training? Volunteer on a sail during the shoulder season.
    • There is always lots to do with TBI! Visit the volunteer page to find out more information! 
  • Spread the word! - Many of our summer trainees hear about the program through word of mouth or by stumbling across TBI on the internet. The biggest way to help TBI is to talk about TBI. Spread the word to friends, family, coworkers and anyone who will listen! 
  • Donate! - Toronto Brigantine is a charity organization and donations really keep us afloat. Your generous donation will help in the following ways 
    • Officer training and and professional development 
    • Inspection fees
    • Operation costs 
    • Purchasing new equipment 
    • and much more

           Donations can be made through Paypal or Canada Helps 

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