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10 Household Items You Can Donate to TBI

The summer is fast approaching and there is lots to do to get ready to sail. Rigging to do, engines to de-winterize, supplies to buy.. Here is a list of 10 things everyone has lying around their house that we are always in need of...

    1. Large Pots, Pans and other cooking utensils- Our cooks can always use some extra tools to use this summer. There is always a need for a new pot, pan, spatula, ladle or anything else used for cooking or preparing food 
    2. Kitchen knives and knife sharpeners 
    3. Utensils- Did you recently get shiny new cutlery? Don't know what to do with the old stuff? Bring it on down! 
    4. Rags - do you have any old clothing that we could use for rags? We'd love them! 
    5. Cleaning supplies! - Sponges, j-cloths, toilet paper, dish soap- we just can't get enough 
    6. Tape - We love all tape: hockey, duct, electrical - you name it, we need it!
    7. Bungee Cord: Do you have a mess of these guys lying around and not securing anything? We can use them for sea stowing supplies! 
    8. Tarps - Did you buy a tarp only to discover that you didn't need it? Is it now just a dust magnet? We'll take great care of it
    9. Baking sheets, Mixing bowls and the like - Do you collect food prep supplies? Are all of your metal bowls encroaching on your personal space? Give them to a good home! 
    10. Garbage Bags - Do you have boxes and boxes of garbage bags at home? Don't know what to do with all of them? Don't worry..we'll fill them up

Didn't see anything that speaks to you? Check out our wish list for more ideas 

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