Corporate Team Building Sails - Brigs

Step aboard the TS Playfair, for a 5-hour immersive team building experience like nothing before.

Our mission through corporate team building sails is to inspire people to fulfill their potential, and to work together to overcome challenges and achieve success for themselves and their organization through sailing a tall ship. 

Utilizing the ideology of sail training, each person becomes essential to sailing the vessel while making passage through the waters and achieving a goal.

Individuals are assigned positions throughout the vessel for helming, sail handling, tacking, and more! Each person is essential to maneuvering the vessel into position to achieve a goal. This is Team Building!

By using a hands-on program by sailing the vessel, individuals are immersed in a training adventure which promotes open communications, leadership, chain of command, mental and physical stimulation. These learned skills can be applied to the workplace to increase productivity, motivation management/employee relations and communication skills.


Each team building sail is customizable to the needs of the client, with flexible start/end times, along with implementation of on-board activities that fit each individual group. 

Each sail, you can expect to be fully immersed in the sailing experience through handling lines, climbing up into the rigging, and steering the ship. 

Other activities include:

  • Crew overboard drills
  • Sailing maneuvers - tacking, gybing, wearing ship. 
  • Steering the ship
  • Climbing aloft (up the rigging)


Brigs Youth Sail Training is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide young people with life-changing opportunities via the medium of sail training. Our corporate rate includes a $1000 tax deductible donation which subsidizes experiences for underprivileged youth.

Each team building sail is 5 hours in length at a cost of $2,650 plus HST

Team building sails are available in May, June, September, and early October. Contact our office at [email protected] or 416-596-7117.