Winter Program Awards - Crew

Winter Program Awards

Brigs has several awards that are presented to participants of our Winter Program every year.

Deep Sea Award

Offered since 1970, this award is presented to the Wardroom Officer that best exemplifies the qualities of leadership, seamanship, and commitment to the program. The DSA has three components:

1 – Plaque and sextant used in the laying of the first Trans-Atlantic cable. This symbolizes the Trans-Atlantic links that have always existed in Canadian sail training.

2 – Arrangement of a berth on another tall ship somewhere else in the world. Emphasis has been on placing the recipient with an overseas organization where possible.

3 – Scholarship donated by the Naval Officers Association of Canada to finance the exchange.

Additional consideration is given to Wardroom Officers who intend to return the following year, so that their experience in the exchange portion of the award can be shared with the participants of the Brigs program.

Past Winners

2019      Justin Schoenhofer

2018       Rowan Perry

2017       Conrad Schoenhofer 

2016       Caedon Kingdon

2015       Tom Williams

2014       Robin Leaver

2013       Noah Krantz

2012       Max Kingfisher

2011       Jonah Charny

2010       Taeo Tsagkaris and Riley King

2009       Ben Dennis

2008       Sean Parsonage & Josiah Chacon-Lontin

2007       Rosy Neale

2006       Anna Mayberry

2005       Melina Giannella

2004       Mark Mayberry

2003       Julian Schroer

2002       Servane Phillips

2001       Liz Greflund

2000       Rhys Weed

1999       Emilie Shipman

1998       Kyle Boland

1997       Peter Wills

1996       Linsey McLean

1995       Jeremy White

1994       Josh Mackey

1993       Hans Lundberg

1992       Steve Dennis

1991       Liane MacGregor

1990       Stefen Thorarinson

1989       Mark Allen

1988       Darren Holmes

1987       Seann O’Donoughue

1986       Thorfi Thorinson

1985       Peter Hacksel

1984       Dan Pettit

1983       Paul Hickey

1982       Michael Blair

1981       John Ryan

1980       Martin Wanless

1979       Andrew Knight

1978       James Tannahill

1977       Douglas Garlick

1976       Anthony Case

1975       Dana Kennedy

1974       Paul Clarke

1973       James Hamer

1972       John Hamer

1971       Greig Cooke

1970       John Clinton

Seamanship Award

This award is given to the Winter Program trainee who best demonstrates commitment and enthusiasm to the program, and has potential to succeed as an officer.

Past Winners

2019        Hannah MacLeod Kerr

2018       Lindsay Buckingham


2016       Micah Bakan 

2015       Maria Bukli

2014       Conner Maynard-Mee

2013       Tom Williams

2012       Lauren Richardson

2011       Noah Krantz

2010       Mattheus Fackelmann

2009       James Wannell

2008       Taeo Tsagkaris

2007       Amanda Pileggi

2006       Riley King

2004       Allison Creba

2003       Melina Giannella

1998       Erin Philp

1997       Robin Palancer Pascal

1996       Tim Pyron

1995       Catherine O'Neil

1991       Steve Dennis

1990       Lesley MacLean

1989       Ramsay Hart

1988       Stefan Thorarinson

1985       Torfi Thorarinson

1983       Peter Pownall

1982       Dan Pettit

1980       Mike Blair

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